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Re: shiki-colors in Ubuntu


On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 7:42 PM, Benjamin Drung <bdrung@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Am Samstag, den 28.08.2010, 16:31 -0400 schrieb Andrew SB:
>> I just pushed some changes to
>> lp:~gnome-colors-packagers/shiki-colors-pkg/ubuntu/ that would close
>> LP: #619420 and LP: #564769. I'd appreciate a review before I upload
>> these changes to Maverick. There might very well be a better approach,
>> and I'd love to get your opinion.
> Sorry for the late response (I am on vacation). The packages is ok, but
> I would have done some things in a other way:

No problem. Hope you had a great vacation! As you saw, I went and uploaded.

> * Drop Vcs-* fields and use lp:ubuntu/shiki-colors-murrine instead.

Sounds good.

> * versionless Conflicts & Replaces instead of versioned Breaks &
> Replaces (BTW, there is one space too much after the left parenthesis).
> Why should the next upload of arc-colors (to Debian) not conflict with
> shiki-colors or do you want to do the change in Debian too?

I had originally used Conflicts, but this new lintian tag
"conflicts-with-version" confused me. I must be mis-interpreting it.

"An earlier-than version clause is normally an indication that Breaks
should be used instead of Conflicts. Breaks is a weaker requirement
that provides the package manager more leeway to find a valid upgrade
path. Conflicts should only be used if two packages can never be
unpacked at the same time, or for some situations involving virtual
packages (where a version clause is not appropriate). In particular,
when moving files between packages, use Breaks plus Replaces, not
Conflicts plus Replaces."

I used the versionized Breaks/Replaces in case arc-colors ever returns
in some other form, but we can always deal with that in the future if
it comes up.

> * Instead of touching debian/rules (and thus making it longer), I would
> have used the *.install files directly:
> "debian/arc-colors/Arc-Colors-Transparent-Wallpaper.png
> usr/share/backgrounds/Arc-Colors-Transparent-Wallpaper.png"
> * The patch file doesn't have a proper DEP-3 header.
> Things I like to do in Debian first:
> * Update Standards-Version.
> * Update debian/copyright to latest DEP-5 version.
> * Drop cdbs and switch to short-form dh 7.

Sounds good.

> Do you experience the same issue: The right two icons in the panel (me
> menu and power icon) are too big.

They do seem a little out of place.


- Andrew SB