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use-case collection for GUADEC talk




 some sketchy use cases (feasible, experimental/limited, vision) attached.

No diagrams and pics, yet :-(







Zeitgeist looks at information from the activity perspective.

It's about the personal relationship of a user and his information,
expressed via using, creating, or modifying, manipulating it.

.       One of several indicators: Information gains relevance by use
(recency, frequency/repetition, aggregated values above threshold). Repeated
use doesn't necessarily mean "the same thing  twice"

.       Focussing your attention on an information item indicates relevance.

Activities extend over time. 

Activities can be interrupted, postponed, put on hold . that's one of the
rationales for histories 

It's not only you doing something. You might be interested in what's going
on around you. That's what notifications are for.


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