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Gnome 3 PPA has broken gnome-session


For about the past week now, gnome-session as packaged in the gnome 3
PPA has been broken. I can still login to Gnome Shell but attempting
to log in to Unity results in the message: Failed to load session
"Ubuntu"  before returning to the login screen. The same thing happens
when I try to login to Ubuntu Classic or Unity 2D.

This bug was also discussed on
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1718985 .

I was able to workaround this by uninstalling gnome-session and
reinstalling the version from the natty main repository, which seems
to work just fine.

By the way, it is unclear where Gnome 3 PPA bugs & wishlist requests
should be reported.

Jeremy Bicha

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