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Thanks for your great work, please, don´t give up with Gnome Shell.


Gnome Shell was awesome, just perfect. But now, Canonical has imposed Unity
and it sucks. It adds absolutely nothing, you just get bugs, extremely low
funcionality and hundreds of inconvinients, just for 2 centimeters of
space!, unbelievable... I beg you to keep developing Gnome shell and to
fight for getting it back to Ubuntu. It even isn´t at the official
repositories! If I can do anything for helping with that, sending my opinion
to Canonical, voting in some survey or whatever, I´ll very pleased of doing
that. Unity is just an unstable useless shell, a whim of Canonical for
pretending to be cool. It´s not opensource ideology.

By the way, I of course want to get Gnome shell in my Ubuntu 11.04 but I
don´t know what´s the safer way of doing that without incompatibility
problems, could you help me with that?

regards!!! and sorry for my English, I´m Spanish.

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