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The Ubuntu GNOME Remix


I am the creator of the Ubuntu GNOME Remix, a remix of Ubuntu designed to
provide the best possible GNOME experience under a base Ubuntu system.  The
project was created both to provide a GNOME 3 environment and to provide a
fallback to 'classic' GNOME, without unity.  We have been in contact with
Canonical about using the name 'Gubuntu' but have not reached an agreement

I have been contacted by several members from the GNOME 3 team about working
together, which the UGR group would love to do.  We do not have a good
knowledge of how GNOME or GNOME 3 works, and need people who do to help
solve bugs and provide guidance to our developers.  Our developers are
basically figuring out everything as we go along.

We thank your team for their continued efforts.  One of our major goals that
you accomplished was providing the fallback session.

We are working on packaging Cantarell, the default windowing font in GNOME
3.  For some reason, nobody has packaged it yet.  We currently have a
semi-working package, but with several changes that need to be made.  Follow
our work on this at https://launchpad.net/ugr-cantarell.  Debian developers
have expressed interest in getting this package in Debian once a few things
are fixed.

Initially, our developers thought that we would have to make some major
changes to GNOME packages, and we created our own repository.  However, we
now know that we do not have to, and we have changed our project to point to
the GNOME3 team's PPA instead of ours.  Obviously it would be beneficial to
both of our projects to work together on bugs.  We're not sure of the best
way to do this currently.  Our bug list can be found here:

UGR currently ships a main metapackage, similar to the ubuntu-desktop
package, to automate installation.  Currently, UGR has lots of dedicated
users willing to do testing and diagnose bugs.  Please advise us the best
way to move forward.  We would be happy to help the GNOME 3 team with
testing and other issues.

JC Hulce
Creator and lead developer of the Ubuntu GNOME Remix

UGR project homepage: http://ugr.teampr0xy.net

    Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/ubuntugnome

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