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Re: The Ubuntu GNOME Remix


On 05/10/2011 09:08 AM, JC Hulce wrote:
> Hello,
> I am the creator of the Ubuntu GNOME Remix, a remix of Ubuntu designed to
> provide the best possible GNOME experience under a base Ubuntu system.  The
> project was created both to provide a GNOME 3 environment and to provide a
> fallback to 'classic' GNOME, without unity.  We have been in contact with
> Canonical about using the name 'Gubuntu' but have not reached an agreement
> yet.

Oneiric will be using GNOME3, so I don't believe that Ubuntu GNOME Remix
is the best possible choice in a name, and providing GNOME 3 is
repetative to the goals of Ubuntu Oneiric.

> I have been contacted by several members from the GNOME 3 team about working
> together, which the UGR group would love to do.  We do not have a good
> knowledge of how GNOME or GNOME 3 works,
Maybe it would be better to submit your efforts to the Gnome 3 Team PPA
with those of us that have a better grasp with GNOME 3 and packaging.

> and need people who do to help
> solve bugs and provide guidance to our developers.
It may be better to provide bugs in GNOME 3 to the upstream devs so it
can get fixed for everyone.