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Re: Vanillux


Hi Rodrigo,

As i said earlier i cant agree with some of Mark Shuttleworth's decisions. I
also dont really like the pushed release schedule and am more a fan of the
ARCH (but we like apt!) way of doing things, a rolling release where we give
new features to our users when they are ready without pushing the
programmers and breaking the users system with instability. I also dont like
the whole Banshee thing. We intend to make the installer slightly different
too offering the user more options.

So we need to start the Vanillux project.

We would like the participation of the Gnome team if they are interested in
participating (since we are a Gnome3 distro after all)

Yours truly

On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 5:04 AM, Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo.moya@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> On Thu, 2011-05-12 at 00:21 -0400, fabrice quenneville wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >
> > My name is Fabrice i am the head of the Vanillux project.
> >
> >
> > With Mark Shuttleworth going against gnome 3 there has been a strong
> > feeling in the industry about that choice and Ubuntu has lost its CTO
> > as well as head of Cloud computing and a few others. Also in the past
> > year Ubuntu has been to hastly on shipping updates with too many bugs
> > and unstable distribution updates.
> >
> >
> > For these reason we have decided to make a new distribution based on
> > those next few point among others:
> >       * We are free and staying free ($$)
> >       * We are using apt we love it!
> >       * We are a rolling release, no more forced 6 months schedule and
> >         reinstalls, features come as they are ready!
> >       * We love gnome3, our basic desktop will be gnome3
> >       * We are neither a Debian or Ubuntu fork, we only use apt!!!!
> >       * We are a not-for-profit and love FOSS!!!!
> >       * We have a direction and can take decisions, we have 3 head
> >         with 1 vote each if a veto is required after a user vote
> >       * We are always going to try to send the packages unmodified
> >         from the coders (no re-branding!)
> >       * We have no version but 4 branches stable testing unstable and
> >         experimental
> > So this email is only to inform you there is a cell to the
> > interested volunteers, also we would like to work with the Gnome team
> > in this since it only makes sense :). I am also sending this email to
> > the Ubuntu Gnome Remix team, while we dont fully agree on the
> > direction to take i believe we could either merge our projects or
> > work together for the better good. If not i can still help you guys
> > since i know the owner of gubuntu.org and he is open to sell.
> >
> >
> > The team behind Vanillux is made of old and young, with experience in
> > of course Operating systems, Telecomunications, Decentralised
> > computing and Cloud computing and are ready to take this project to
> > its full extent.
> >
> >
> > So for those interested in participating please contact us trough
> > vanillux.org and we welcome your input.
> >
> I'm glad to see so many people interested in GNOME3, but as it was
> discussed with the Ubuntu GNOME Remix people, GNOME3 is going to be in
> Ubuntu oneiric (we are already uploading the packages from the PPA to
> oneiric archives), so why not join forces? Any contribution to make
> GNOME3 rock in Ubuntu is more than welcome.
> So, do whatever is best for you, but I really think GNOME3 experience
> would be much better in Ubuntu if, instead of a separate distribution,
> you helped us in the ongoing work we are doing to get GNOME3 in Ubuntu.
> cheers

*Fabrice Quenneville*


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