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Gourmet Recipe Manager 0.16.0 released!


After almost two years since the last version, the Gourmet Recipe
Manager team is happy to finally release version 0.16.0, available for
as a tarball for now.

Changes include, most notably:
* the addition of a toolbar (which can be turned off in the preferences
* the ability to connect to a MySQL database
* a fix for [issue #678](https://github.com/thinkle/gourmet/issues/678),
which has troubled lots of users in the past when upgrading from earlier
versions of Gourmet
* complete removal of Glade (and remaining Gnome) library dependencies
* a fancy new splash screen
* lots of minor bug fixes and plenty of code cleanup

Note that I am only releasing a tarball for now, but hope to include a
Debian package with Ubuntu 13.04 (for which the deadline is on
2013-03-07), see
http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/python-apps-team/2013-March/007222.html Fortunately, I also believe I've found the issue that prevented us from producing a working Windows version for the last couple of releases, so I'm confident we'll release a Windows version of Gourmet soon -- stay tuned!

I hope that this release is up to your expectations; I've put some focus
on code cleanup in order to make life easier for new contributors. Our
[team](https://github.com/thinkle/gourmet/graphs/contributors) currently
consists of only two developers (@thinkle and myself==@ockham), with
contributions to this release by GitHub users @MrShark and @jraber
(thanks!). Thus, new contributors are welcome anytime; as a starting
point, you might want to check out our ['Contribute' wiki

By the way, we're considering applying for this year's
[Google Summer of
which would be a premiere for Gourmet Recipe Manager and would give
interested students a chance to be paid for contributing code to
Gourmet. We've started tagging possible GSoC ideas with a label named

In case you hadn't noticed yet, we've recently
our git repository from SourceForge to GitHub, in another effort to make
life easier for prospective new developers. We'll continue to use
Launchpad for translations, and we're also using it now for
[answers](https://answers.launchpad.net/gourmet) (so please update your
bookmarks!) and our [mailing list](mailto:gourmet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx),
which I'd like to invite everyone interested in Gourmet news to join,
particulary our downstream contacts (some of who I'm BCC'ing for now).

--Bernhard Reiter (@ockham on GitHub)