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Gourmet Recipe Manager 0.17.4 released!


This version introduces the use of InfoBars for import and export
messages (and in a few other cases) instead of those little dialog
windows we had before. This should make for a cleaner user interface and
save us all a few clicks when importing or exporting recipes.

Other bug fixes and added features include:

* #743 -  When adding a recipe to the shopping list that's already
there, increase the amounts of ingredients accordingly.
* #756 - Fix MyCookbook import
* #241, #287 - Fix two nasty bugs related to entering ingredients under
a British English locale (en_GB)
* #264 - Add a couple of new keyboard shortcuts (thx @pounamu)
* #759 - Add an AppData file to properly represent Gourmet in the Gnome
and KDE native software centers (thx @pounamu)

Thanks to @pounamu's bug triaging work we're also now down to 168 open
issues (from about 200 at the time of the 0.17.3 release).

As always, Gourmet can be downloaded from

--Bernhard Reiter

PS: As always, BCC'ing downstream maintainers I know of. Please consider
adding yourself to the Gourmet team and mailing list on Launchpad
(https://launchpad.net/~gourmet) -- it's a very low traffic ML
(currently not much more than release announcements). If you don't want
me to spam you directly with future release announcements, just shoot me
an email.