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Test results Nvidia 950m - 355 - and current problems


Thanks for the great and up to date drivers! These are the only ones that work on my Laptop.

Here are my test results for 355:https://openbenchmarking.org/result/1512271-KH-TESTNVIDI12
Here are the problems I still have concerning the Nvidia video card:
Terrible screen tearing when using the Nvidia card. Probably related to this issue:
https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/775691/linux/vsync-issue-nvidia-prime-ux32vd-with-gt620-m-/1Resume after suspend doesn't always work. It sometimes shows black screen.
When using the Intel card, I have no screen tearing but am unable to logout, reboot or shutdown. The laptop will hang at logout. (something to do with ACPI?)

The Intel and suspend problems might be a kernel bug, I'm not sure.