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Re: [Branch ~gtg/gtg/trunk] Rev 1153: Reimplements the tag context menu as a separate widget. Pave the way to an enhanced menu with - I...


2012/4/21 Izidor Matušov <izidor.matusov@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Bertrand,
> A great first step to nice tag editor. :-) Could you describe, what is your
> goal? Creating an own dialog for editing tag editor with changing color,
> icons and other properties like hide in workview? Get rid of the right click
> menu?

I'd like to create a custom context displaying a color picker. This
cannot be done when using glade (or I would have to hack the menu
programmatically fater loeding the flade file which is not a good

> I am asking because of a merge request which adds property to make a tag
> permanent (shown regardless 0 tasks) I would like to add few minor features
> to it before merging. It was implemented in the right-click context menu.
> Should I put it there or in the new dialog?

I want to avoid (if GTK makes it possible!) to use dialogs:
 - tags should be renamed using F2 or long click in the tag tree view
 - you pick a color among a selection of color directly displayed in
the menu (like in GMail). (there could still be a dialog for a custom
color, though)

The idea being that this will fit most of the needs, and people
wanting more configuration would have to go through a dialog (which
requires more interaction than simply directly selecting an option in
the menu).

Right now, I suggest you put it in the context menu, but by adding the
needed MenuItem in tag_context_menu.py

> Your change introduce a regression: you can't reset a tag color. Could you
> solve it later commits?

Damn, you're absolutely right! I'm really sorry for that, I will fix
it right away!

> There are some snippets of code which was commented out. That code doesn't
> have any effect now. Could you remove it? If needed, you can find that code
> using bzr revert -r <revision>

Again, my bad. I thought I had removed it. It seems I'm a bit rusted.
I'll fix that now too.

> Thanks for your contribution and hopefully we have the new tag editor!

I'm working on it. If the path I'm following doesn't deliver, I'll
implement a more conventional dialog.

Thanks for being so careful!


> Izidor
> Am 21.04.2012 18:19, schrieb noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx:
>> Merge authors:
>>   Bertrand Rousseau (bertrand-rousseau)
>> ------------------------------------------------------------
>> revno: 1153 [merge]
>> committer: Bertrand Rousseau<bertrand.rousseau@xxxxxxxxx>
>> branch nick: trunk
>> timestamp: Sat 2012-04-21 18:13:53 +0200
>> message:
>>   Reimplements the tag context menu as a separate widget. Pave the way to
>> an enhanced menu with - I hope - a color picker
>> added:
>>   GTG/gtk/browser/tag_context_menu.py
>> modified:
>>   GTG/gtk/browser/__init__.py
>>   GTG/gtk/browser/browser.py
>>   GTG/gtk/browser/taskbrowser.glade
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Bertrand Rousseau