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Re: Reoccurring tasks blueprint


When the "Reoccurs" field is in use, the "Due on" field should be uneditable, and should contain the calendar date when the current instance of the task is due.

I disagree, e.g. task should be done every day for a week, so next Monday is due date and after last instance will done this task should disappear at all.
Otherwise, it will be lame, imho.

For example, if on Saturday, 2012-02-04, I have a reoccurring task
due on "Monday", the "Due for" field should contain "2012-02-06".

Well, the magic of reoccurring concept is that you don't need to set few days for one instance of task.
Instead of this, you can set few instance of task for each day.
So, I think, that is more natural when "Due on" is a date when task will be complete at all, isn't it? Also if user doesn't sure what date exactly should be set it may be "forever" or "soon" or "someday" and so on.

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