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Re: Reoccurring tasks blueprint


On 02/06/2012 02:51 AM, vova wrote:
>> When the "Reoccurs" field is in use, the "Due on" field should be
>> uneditable,
>> and should contain the calendar date when the current instance of the
>> task is due.
> I disagree, e.g. task should be done every day for a week, so next
> Monday is due date and after last instance will done this task should
> disappear at all.
> Otherwise, it will be lame, imho.

I can see that too. If we need a date at which a series of reoccurring
tasks ultimately ends, I think it should be a separate date, perhaps
called "Reoccurs until". And actually, being able to specify when a
repeated task ends isn't mentioned in the blueprint. I left it out for
simplicity, but I think it might be required.

Do we need "Due for" to be the next due date for date-based sorting to
work correctly.

>> For example, if on Saturday, 2012-02-04, I have a reoccurring task
>> due on "Monday", the "Due for" field should contain "2012-02-06".
> Well, the magic of reoccurring concept is that you don't need to set few
> days for one instance of task.
> Instead of this, you can set few instance of task for each day.
> So, I think, that is more natural when "Due on" is a date when task will
> be complete at all, isn't it?
> Also if user doesn't sure what date exactly should be set it may be
> "forever" or "soon" or "someday" and so on.

I am not sure. I think this might be resolved if we answer the first
question, right?

thanks much