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Re: multiple backends fail to load on latest stable version


2012/3/14 Izidor Matušov <izidor.matusov@xxxxxxxxx>:
> We decided to not release RTM for GTG 0.2.9. At the moment, RTM Backend is
> pretty unstable mainly because of changes on RTM side about a year ago.
> Unfortunately, nobody contributed changes to adapt to the new API.
> If you want to use RTM Backend, you can use GTG from GTG Daily PPA. However,
> it is pretty wild and there might be problems.

I normally run gtg from gtg daily ppa, however it crashes on Ubuntu
oneiric with a EOF error - not that I'm concerned given it's the
bleeding edge code.

> I am going to work on backends stuff in the close future. If you want to
> contribute a patch or two, we would be very pleased and things would be
> speed up!

Unfortunately I don't have any programming skills of significance, but
I'm happy to be a tester and file bug reports.  I'm also happy to
offer financial support.

I am grateful for all the work you put into gtg, as of all the task
managers I've tried it fits my workflow the best.

> If you can live without RTM, edit ~/.local/share/gtg/projects.xml and remove
> RTM backend.

Thanks for the tip - I will keep it in mind.



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