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I'd like to contribute



I just saw the news that version 0.2.9 was released and was pleasantly surprised, because I thought this very useful program was dead. I saw that you are "hiring" at the moment and I think I can help out a bit. I can do whatever is needed, but I can start by doing the website maintenance part and if you like my work I can even do a bit of a remodeling on the site. Sorry if I offend anyone, but it really needs a makeover :) For reference I created the worpress theme that can be seen here <http://cluelessideas.com>, as well as some other websites which aren't online anymore and others which I only worked on programming, so nothing pretty to see there. I'm experienced in high level languages like JavaScript, PHP, Lua and I have a basic understanding of Python. I also know my way around html and css obviously. I have arts formation and can also help with any design questions. At the moment I'm developing mobile games for Android and iOS using a proprietary framework (Corona SDK). I do all parts of the creation process, from programming to graphics. BTW, I'm also very skilled in organizing and planning stuff in case that's needed.

Thanks for the attention.
Ricardo Graça

PS: Is there a way to subscribe to the mailing list somehow?

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