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Fwd: [Gtg-contributors] Message to all potential SoC students


All potential SoC Students,

I am not sure if you read developers mailing list, please read the message from Lionel.

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Hi people,

I know that some of you are wanting to apply as SoC student, working
on GTG.

First: it seems we have many motivated students. Unfortunately, we are
only a small app in the GNOME world. If we can have 2 students, we
would be very happy. We once had three students but it is somewhat
exceptional. Don't expect too much then and also apply in other
organization than GNOME. If it was possible, I would like to have 10
students because a lot of you are really motivated and bright !

Second: For personal reason, I will not be able to accept any student
after Friday 30th. That means that if you want me as a mentor, your
application should be *finalized* and *perfect* before Thursday
midnight. This does not apply to other possible mentors (Bertrand,
Luca). So, if you want me as a mentor, you have no choice but finish
your application before the end of the week.

Thanks and good luck !

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