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Re: Schedule for the upcoming release (0.3)


@2012-08-15 12:37 - Dmitry Drozdov:

2012/8/8 Bertrand Rousseau <bertrand.rousseau@xxxxxxxxx>:
If you are a translator, you can help us by translating the text strings
used in GTG. You can do this through our launchpad page.
I am a translator to Russian. Some time back I checked out all the
Russian translation. All strings are translated now.

I ask all the other translators into Russian and people just knowing
the Russian to help decide how to translate the name GTG. Now there
are 5 variants of the translation GTG. If, before September 1 will not
choose any variant, I will choose the shortest and closest in meaning
to "Getting Things Done in Gnome"

Shouldn't the name of the application be kept equal in all languages? In English a gnome is a creature belonging in race to the gnomes, which are small humanoids; in many other languages the word "gnome" corresponds only to the name of an open-source-software-developing community.