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GTG 0.3: release candidate 1


Dear all,

Fixes to the last nasty bugs have been committed today! There is still
one known bug, but it's packaging-related and its fix might be
postponed [1]

That means trunk is now officially the first release candidate of GTG
0.3! If you want to help us, you can download and install this
version, test it, and report bugs. That will give us the possibility
to fix last critical bugs before the final release, which will
probably happen in the coming weeks.

A package for ubuntu/debian should be available soon in our PPA [2]

Thanks for using GTG!

[1] Izidor, since you put yourself in charge of this bug, I let you
decide about that.
[2] https://launchpad.net/~gtg/+archive/gtg-daily?field.series_filter=quantal

Bertrand Rousseau