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Announcing GTG 0.3!


After about 9 months of very active development, the GTG team is proud to
announce the release of Getting Things GNOME! 0.3!

This version is packed with an amazing amount of bug fixes and many
novelties! The goal with 0.3 was to get GTG back on its feet after more
than a year of working on the internal plumbing. We also fixed many bugs in
the process. We can now say that this goal has been reached, and then some!

*What's new in 0.3?*

Here's an (incomplete) list of changes:

   - Performance: thanks to the amazing work of Izidor Matusov, GTG has
   recovered its youth and can handle your many tasks way faster than before!
   - Data backup: GTG keeps several copies of your data, and it's now able
   to restore the most recent backup automatically if your data are corrupted.
   - Help: GTG now has many help pages providing useful documentation for
   GTG, thanks to Radina
community manager and 2012 intern for the GNOME outreach program)
   - UI: we've improved our UI in several ways. The most notable will
   probably be the new tag editor, which provides an easier way to customize
   and edit tag's properties such as colors, icon, etc.
   - Translations: all translations were updated, and we also got new
   languages added to this release!
   - Stability: we've fixed many bugs causing crashes during this release.
   - Various other fixes:
   - Updated and improved plugins: notification area icon, urgency color
   export, ...

   - Improved Quick Add Toolbar, with more features and flags for you geeks.
   - Improved command line clients
   - Saner handling of due dates constraints.

You can see the complete list of changes in our

The GTG developer team would like to thank and congratulate all the great
people which contributed to this version. You did an amazing work! Thanks
also to our many new contributors which joined us during this development

*Where to get it?*

You can get information about how to get the latest version of GTG here:

*What's next?*

For the next releases, we plan to work on the porting of GTG to GTK3. This
should hopefully enable the upcoming redesign of

We also have many other projects in the pipeline, most notably:

   - collaborative task
   a project which has been started by Izidor Matusov during Google Summer of
   Code 2012.
   - improved task
   a work performed by Steve Scheel during Google Summer of Code 2012.

It's also worth mentioning the great work accomplished by Baptiste Saleil,
who has integrated GTG with GNOME
a GNOME Shell extension (also a Google Summer of Code 2012).


   -  Screenshots <http://gtg.fritalk.com/pages/screenshots>
   -  The project's blog <http://gtg.fritalk.com/>
   -  The project's page on launchpad <https://launchpad.net/gtg>
   -  The project's page on the GNOME wiki <https://live.gnome.org/gtg/>

Bertrand Rousseau

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