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Re: [Merge] lp:~gtg-user/gtg/google-tasks-backend into lp:gtg


Hello Izidor,
Thanks for your comment.

1, get rid of print statements
> yes asap, i was a bit too entouthiastic yesterday evening...

2, have you written the backend from the beginning or you used
lp:~gtg-contributors/gtg/google_tasks for inspiration? In the later case you need to put credits into Author sections.
no i started with the rtm plugin as a base, and the rest was coded either myself, or given by google (sample for gtasks api usage)

3, Your code have to satisfy PEP8 standard and PyFlakes check <use `make check` command>
i am going further with pylint and pep8 lateron this day
4, Get rid of _bak.py file
of course

Wouldn't it be better to create a list for every tag and then copy tasks to each list?

yes, it would and thats exactly what i am working on atm
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