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Re: [Merge] lp:~gtg-user/gtg/google-tasks-backend into lp:gtg


Review: Resubmit plan

i would like to split up the current development into some more steps and hopefully get the fist one into gtg mainline soon, then go further (i thought i could do these steps in one, but i failed, and dont have too much sparetime to do this now at once):

1.st step:
break down the current solution to only support one list in google tasks, configurable in the backend, (see latest commits, there go into this direction but are not finished yet) via the treeview already implemented, but with a radio toggle to select active list only

the goal would be to have the lists selectable in the backend and just tell the backen, sync gtg with this list and back
this should be a reliable mechanism so my google lists (also updated by some android app) are everywhere in sync.

2.nd step:
add the possibility to manage multiple lists. making the backend treeview as it is currently you select which lists to sync via a checkbox and select the default list where new tasks from gtg should get added

3.rd step:
add a tags field to this backend per list, so you configure tags per lists which should end up with a good solution, that i can create a gtg task with a tag lets say @private and this tag is added to the google tasks lists which is configured in the backend with @private
this config should support multiple tags and probably furthermore there also should be a default option toggable, bt not mandatory, so not every task in gtg ends up in google tasks, but only the ones i configure manually

I am not so familiar with launchpad at all, do i need to revoke the code review, and add this plan somewhere?or would you just say, good idea, try it commit it and we will review it?
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