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Just Saying Hello


Hello GTG list,

I used GTG 0.2.4 for long time, and I've been working on some personal
productivity and task management related tools. GTG inspired me to start
writing them.

I recently subscribed to this list, so I just want to say hello, and see
if the list is active :)

I have to questions on my mind:

1. Launchpad has software freedom issues for long time, why use it? I
had to create an account just to be able to subscribe, but I really
think Launchpad should be avoided as much as possible. Personally I
prefer Gitorious. It doesn't have any software freedom issues (by the
way Github has issues too...)

2. I read a lot about cool GTG 0.3 features. I read about collaboration
plugin written in GSoC. Yesterday I downloaded liblarch 2.10 and gtg 0.3
sources (my distro doesn't have gtg packages) and ran gtg, and I was
surprised to find out it's almost identical to 0.2.4 which I was using
back then.

So I was wondering, where are all the features? I did notice the plugins
and the slightly updates preferences, but other than that, it looks the
same to me. I don't have any right to demand anything, just wondering...
I really like the task collaboration idea :)