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GTG 0.3.1


Hi all,
Great news people! There has been really good development done on GTG
lately and we have come a lot further from where we were almost a year ago
when 0.3 was released. So here we are, ready to start the proceedings for
the next release :)

So, lets start with a feature freeze of 7 days. Lets not send any new merge
requests for now and get rid of any critical bugs that we find. I request
everyone to heavily test GTG and find as many bugs as possible!

If you would like to translate GTG, you can do this through our launchpad
page <https://translations.launchpad.net/gtg>.

Apart from that we will need help with preparing a release note which would
include screenshots, a text presenting the changelog highlighting some key
features etc.

Thank you all for your contribution and soon we will interact again with
more updates on the release :)

Nimit Shah