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....the wiping sweat from the forehead ;)

Am 16.02.2014 15:19, schrieb Parin Porecha:
> Hi,
Thanks for your Help & Answer!

> Don't worry, your tasks haven't gone anywhere, they just aren't
> showing up in the browser :-)
Yes, i think so. my first step was a backup from '.gtg' (=all backups
automatically makes gtg) folder ;)

> You can click on 'All tasks' option in the sidebar to resolve this.
OK, at first, i must take "sidebar view" (by default i work whitout)
yea, i see left hand "all tasks"

> Then, all your tasks will be displayed in the browser.
i click on "all tasks" .... nothing happens...
a second click ... no, only my "old search resoluts" .. ohoh...

> If you're facing this problem across GTG restarts,
Aha! restart(ing) GTG ...

*Strike* all of my tasks are back!!!

Thanks again

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