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GTG Legacy ppa


Hi all,

Some good news -

Huxuan had ported GTG to gtk3 and python3 as his Summer of Code '13 project.
We recently merged his work with GTG trunk. There are a couple of minor
bugs which we are currently patching, and after the code cleanup is over,
we'll release GTG 0.3.2

Because of this merge, users who are running GTG in Ubuntu 12.04 and
previous versions are facing problems in installing GTG via gtg-daily ppa.
The port also contains certain gtk3 functions which do not work with the
version shipped with 12.04
Therefore, we have create a legacy ppa of GTG for all the users who are
facing configuration issues with Python3 and GTK3 -


The legacy ppa contains GTG 0.3.1, and liblarch 2.2 with revisions just
prior to the merge. Regular development work won't happen in legacy
branches, however feature additions will be backported :-)

GTG 0.3.2 onwards will be released for Ubuntu 13.04 and newer versions.

Parin Porecha