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GSoC 2015 Candidate


Hi everyone,

To introduce myself, I am a University of Edinburgh student (originally
from Slovakia). I'm in my first year now of Computer Science and Maths.

I have been using Getting Things GNOME for several weeks now and I find the
tool very efficient and enabling me to organise my stuff in a clean way.
I found out about the GSoC programme and immediately realised that I'd love
to contribute to this project of task-management as this area is very
appealing to me and I think I could add some improvements.

I'm working on some minor bug fixing already and would love to continue
over the summer as well. What do you think of refining the current bugs
that need to be done before the GTG 0.4 release? I think I can help with
bringing GTG closer to its another milestone. Could that be helpful as my
GSoC project for this summer?

Jakub Brindza

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