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Launchpad: Verification of ftp.harukasan.org-release failed


Dear mirror administrator,

This is an automated failure notice that has been generated by the mirror
content checker.

A possible failure has been detected on the following mirror:

    ftp.harukasan.org-release of Ubuntu

You are being notified because you are the registered contact in
Launchpad for this mirror.

The mirror content checker failed to locate the minimal set of files a
Ubuntu mirror should contain, and so the mirror has been
temporarily removed from the mirror listings.  The log file[1] of the
content check should give you more detailed information of what failed.

If this was a temporary failure and has already been corrected, the mirror
will appear on the mirror listings right after the next content check.

If you are sure this mirror is up and running, this notification may
have been caused by Launchpad not having the correct details on how to
reach this mirror, so you may want to:

* Verify the details registered in Launchpad for this mirror.

* Ensure the path to the mirror contents is correct.

If all the details are correct and the mirror is reachable, this report
may be due to a problem with the mirror checker.  If you believe this to
be the case, please help us by filing a bug at:


[1] http://launchpadlibrarian.net/464644620/ftp.harukasan.org-release-probe-logfile.txt

Following is a snippet of the log file above:
Wed Feb 12 10:25:49 2020: Failed http://ftp.harukasan.org/ubuntu-releases/.pool/ubuntu-18.04.4-live-server-amd64.iso: Bad response code: 404
Wed Feb 12 10:25:49 2020: Failed http://ftp.harukasan.org/ubuntu-releases/.pool/ubuntu-18.04.4-desktop-amd64.iso: Bad response code: 404


The Launchpad Team