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Re: MongoDB


Another possibility...
I just found something called 'fusecompress' that uses FUSE to mount a filesystem that is automatically compressed. Did a mongodump into that and it seemed to work. Not sure how much we want to get into supporting that kind of thing though. :/

Also the FS needs to be mounted with fusecompress to even read it. I could not read it with standard tools after unmounting it.

I began the search hoping to find a FUSE filesystem that simply creates a tarball. Should be possible as long as it only allows creating and writing to one file at a time, then throws a write error an on attempt to write to a file that has been closed. (Actually reads would probably have to fail too, but that is fine for our purposes.) Maybe writing it in fuse-python would be doable...

Or just hack mongodump to be more sane.

But maybe I'm overthinking this... :/