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Asus 1215N success


I successfully powered down the Nvidia device in my Asus 1215N.  I modified
the apci_call module and created a script to power it off and on.  Here is
the github fork:


I owe a huge thanks to Mkottman for acpi_call and George Shearer for
m11xr2hack.  Those sources were excellent for learning about acpi and

I modified the acpi_call module to allow byte buffers to be passed as
parameters, and also to return the acpi_object result in /proc/acpi/call.
Being able to see the result helped me figure out some of the state in the
acpi methods.

The 1215N is similar to the m11x r2 in that it requires a special method
(_DSM) being called with buffer arguments before the _PS3 method will turn
the power off.   I also found that the _PS0 method turns the power back on.
After turning off the power, the power state appears to be set in the _PSC
object: 0x0 when on, and 0x3 when off.  Except this isn't accurate after the
system has been put in standby - the power is on (according to the battery
rate) but the_PSC is still 0x3.  I have to use the script to turn the power
off again after coming out of standby.

Pete Eberlein

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