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EEEPC 1015PN Optimus with ION


I'm not quite sure this mailing list is the best place to present and ask
some informations about my new netbook (EEEPC 1015PN), but it's the only one
i know.

Since some weeks i've been experimenting some things on my 1015PN, I'm not
an expert, nor a dev, but I've tested what I could at my level.
First of all, the nVidia ION (GT238) is always activated on gnu/linux, and
works good, with nouveau, or the nvidia drivers. My 1015PN has an atom N550
CPU which includes a GMA 3150 in the chip. Asus allows us to use the ION on
windows, or swicth the netbook into the optimus mode, which enables the GMA
3150 to work in parallel with the ION (used only when necessary in this
mode). It requires a reboot.

In normal situation, I remarked that the GMA from intel is not activated at
all, under linux, and the only way i found to switch it on, was to reboot on
Windows, and switch the optimus on.
That permits me to find the PCI adresses of the both GPU : the ion is at PCI
0000:04:00:0 and the GMA at the 0000:00:02:0.
By twiking my xorg.conf i managed to start X on the GMA, but the ion was
still activated.

So now, I'm wondering if it's possible to switch the GMA on under linux,
with or without a reboot, and if it's possible to switch the ION off, to let
the netbook have 9 or more hours of autonomy on linux…

I tried the differents scripts of the blog, even the 1215PN (which is
roughly the same netbook i guess), without success…

Thank you for reading this,


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