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From: BajK <kaiuwebroulik2@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2010/12/27
Subject: Acer Aspire 3820 TG
To: olibob <robby57@xxxxxxxxx>

Good day,
I recently bought an Acer Aspire TimelineX 3820TG and I love it and now
I am glad that I have found this launchpad group.

Since I do not like Windows and the first thing I did was installing
Kubuntu on that machine which runs fine, I now have some kind of
convincing a friend of mine that hybrid graphics is possible.
I am currently writing a couple of scripts which enable me to switch
from the Intel graphics to the powerful ATI and vice versa. It is kind
of promising. There are still a few flaws, though. At first, I hate ATI-
driver developers (fglrx, the open source one is fine of course) because
they make my life so hard. In order to make the switch a success, I
ALWAYS need to purge and/or re-install fglrx, otherwise it falls back to
the Vesa driver although I blacklist fglrx when starting with the Intel
Another more severe problem is that I need to do a restart and then
change a setting in the BIOS. There is a “Graphics mode” switch which
can be either set to “discrete” (the ATI graphics enabled only) or
“switchable”. I have a kernel module timelinex_acpi found somewhere in
the ubuntu forums which disables the ATI graphics. But I cannot re-
enable it unless I set the graphics mode to “discrete” which forces the
ATI graphics on. But even when I already had the ATI graphics on and I
switch back to “Switchable” I end up with the Intel graphics only.
What I need is the opposite of the kernel module which ENABLES the
graphics card. If I have this, then it shouldn‘t be that much of a
problem switching the graphics cards on the fly, i.e. load and unload
the neccessary kernel modules, re-write x config and restart the X
server. But without it, I always need to go to the BIOS and switch
things manually.

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