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1015PN GraphicSwitch-Utility linux success


Merry christmas list and all 1015pn fans,

By analysing Asus GraphicSwitch utiliy I managed to figure out how the
graphic switch works so rebooting shouldn't be neccessary anymore.

There are 2 relevant modes:
1 = Ion only (meaning only nvidia chip is visible to linux)
3 = Optimus (meaning nvidia + intel are visible to linux and nvidia
chip can be turned off)

You have to set mode 3 (Optimus) on every boot or else mode will be
reset to mode 1 (this is also done by GraphicSwitch under Windows).

To set mode to 3 do

echo "\OSGS 0x03" > /proc/acpi/call

this will affect your next boot.

To check your current mode do

echo "\AMW0.DSTS 0x90013" > /proc/acpi/call
cat /proc/acpi/call

Mine for example is 0x30003 meaning
- first byte 0x03 means mode 3 (returnvalue &= 3)
- logical AND with 0x10000 and right-bitshift 16 bytes gives whether
Optimus is supported (1=true, 0=false): here 1

Please confirm.

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