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Re: Blender (Rendering) Performance on Optimus enabled laptop in Linux


On 12 September 2011 05:03, Adi Ginting <payokinbage@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am an undergraduate student and I'm going to have some work in
> Blender 3D. I'm considering to buy a new laptop so that Blender can
> run optimally. And I think it's gonna be Asus N43SL with Core i5 and
> Nvidia GT540M (Optimus enabled).
> I have searched around the web to find whether anybody has succesfully
> switched off/on the Nvidia GT540M and run Blender 3D (and done some
> rendering) on the Nvidia, but have not found anyone yet.

switching on/off works on my N43SN (with i7 and GT550M, not exactly
the same specs, but close enough, I guess)
can run 3d apps with optirun64, but couldn't get vsync to work (crappy
experience for FPS games)
didn't try blender
I can try it out when my machine gets back from warranty service
(mainboard failure)

> Has anybody here tried? Any input is welcomed.

nice, powerful computer, can render any linux shooter in high quality,
BUT with tearing (no vsync I guess)

> Adi P Ginting