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How-to: VDPAU with Bumblebee


Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/AxQEV.jpg
mplayer2 output: http://pastebin.com/6D6m99D0

What is that? It's VDPAU through Bumblebee+Windump!

Now, there are still a few problems that need to be addressed. The main one is the presence of two cursors that don't always align and no keyboard support. The second is that Bumblebee doesn't have a comprehensive list of modeplines (1080p especially) like Ironhide's xorg.conf.nvidia does so the dumped window may be limited to 1024x768 or 1360x768. Even if the dumped window matches your LVDS resolution, there are still issues of window overlap, window priority, and Compiz being a bit fickle. gnome-panel and gnome-shell seem to also interfere with fullscreening the dumped window.

Want to try?

1. Build hybrid-windump but don't use the included xorg.conf!
https://github.com/harp1n/hybrid-windump (includes borders for entire dumped window) https://github.com/gebart/hybrid-windump (included better cursor support, but dumped window will cover portion of Intel desktop and can't be moved)

2. Start the Bumblebee X server
optirun glxinfo

3. Run Compiz (or Metacity) on Nvidia display so the dumped window can be moved around. If you skip this, VDPAU playback will be green.
DISPLAY=:8 compiz --replace &

4. Run mplayer2
DISPLAY=:8 mplayer -vo vdpau videofilename &

5. Dump window
./windump :8 :0.0 &

6. You now have VDPAU output!

NB: This also works with Ironhide.

- Eric

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