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Apple Macbook Pro switching on Debian Unstable


I've been taking a look at your switching development and according to:



it seems quite reasonable to make some tries on my Debian Unstable system.

I've always wanted to try that supposed 8 hour autonomy but with nvidia being always ON on Gnu/Linux it was not an easy thing.

And the other problem that I want to solve is Nvidia card hanging the full computer. The other day I learnt that it was something also found in native macs. I suppose that switching the card off will workaround the problem.


Here there are my doubts/thoughts:

* I have an MBP 6,2.
* Any special piece of advice about me using Debian Unstable?
* I am going to use Nvidia propietary so I will have to blacklist it.
* This bumblebee stuff... What's for? So... I work with Intel card, and somehow the optirun command makes a new application to run with Nvidia card. Is that?

> It's also useful to have a dump of your vbios and to know what
> PDISPLAY_VGA_ROM_WINDOW should be. Run get_vbios.sh and
> get_rom_window.sh. The output of get_rom_window.sh should be
> something like "00619f04: 000ffe09".

This is a bit confusing. Taking a look at the code you need to do:
which dumps automatically to vbios.bin file.
And then you have to dump it manually in the case of get_rom_windows.sh:
  get_rom_windows.sh > my_rom_windows.txt

> Make sure there is _no_ /etc/X11/xorg.conf, xorg should start on the > right card automatically.

I'm used to always run nvidia-xconfig so that the propietary driver gets the optimal resolution... that makes a new xorg.conf to appear. I will have to check how well current nvidia driver works without any xorg.conf file.

> 1. Compile and install the patched kernel
Is there any chance that I can apply these changes to Debian kernel git repository (not sure there is but I bet that there would be)?

Has anyone tried (by any luck) these steps on Debian Unstable?

What improvements does have ubuntu-kernel-mbp over an Ubuntu stock kernel?

> sudo cp apple_gmux.ko /lib/modules/3.2.0-18-mbp/kernel/drivers/platform/x86/apple-gmux.ko

You might be interested to substitue 3.2.0-18-mbp with $(uname -r) to make the howto a little easier.

> Configure Grub
I suppose these are files that you copy in /etc/grub.d/ folder and then you run update-grub so that changes get effective.

About the boot parametres the documentation (talking only about the README) is lacking that you should put them after the kernel filename and separated by spaces.

> Configure bumblebee:
>    Make sure it isn't started automatically on boot

Is bumblebee a service so that I edit its upstart definition so that it does not start?

* Any tip for building bumblebee on Debian Unstable?

* Finally... I'm not so quite interested in the switching functionality but in using Intel card. I mean... Might it possible without any patched kernel to just pass some boot parametres so that nvidia card is disabled and intel card enabled and used? Maybe with patched kernel

Well, these are my doubts so far. Thank you for any clue you might give me.

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