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Bumblebee support for Hybrid SLI


Hi everyone! I am new to Linux, running ubuntu 12. 04 on a laptop with a
Nvidia GT335M graphics card which has hybrid SLI technology, not Optimus. I
have installed Nvidia driver 331.

Bumblebee keeps the dedicated card off during normal use unless I run the
optirun or optirun -b primus command. But I've experienced problems with
two games while on optirun and primus, using the native Steam client. Team
Fortress 2 was lagging horribly, and Portal shuts down the computer after a
minute or so. The first is a sort of common issue but the second seems like
something caused by overheating when trying to "switch" to the dedicated

Could this be due to a problems with Bumblebee not supporting Hybrid SLI?
What can I do to resolve this?

I'm clueless so any ideas would be great! Thanks!

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