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[Question #195830]: iGotU protocol


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where can I find a brief documentation about the protocol for the iGotU logger, i.e. which data pakets have to be sent and received to and from the device and how is the data organized (format).

I want to implement a software that can download track/waypoint data in IGC format. 

My motivation:
According to the regulations of the FAI, software that creates acceptable IGC data is required 
to download the data directly from the device and to create a fingerprint with the so called G-Record in the IGC file.  The igotu2gpx is therefore not suitable for this task, since the track data is temporarly stored on disk.  If the G-Record can't be created/verified, the track will not be accepted for competitions.

I programmed already this kind of application for another logger and I want to include support for 
the iGotU GPS logger.

With the actual sources of the igotu2gpx I find it very hard to search for the neccesary data to upload  track data from the device.  My wish is to have a dynamically loadable library that just does the protocol/communication to the device and that this library is not dependent on any other libraries except libc and libusb (and maybe libstdc++).

The idea is to exchange only this library with my own logger implementation and to gain support for the

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