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Re: MPRIS related questions


Hi Bertrand,

Will that be only additions, or a re-work of  existing stuff ?

Here is the draft of the v2 spec.

I don't think there are many changes to the basic functionality.
Mirsal is usually on Freenode's #mpris room. AFAIK the V2 final draft is imminent.

Here are some things I came across :
1/ Both the mpris test harness provided by Connor and the implementation
in Rhythmbox have a Player.PlayPause() method, but I couldn't find it in
either v1 or v2 of the spec. Am I missing something ?
Sorry for not updating the test harness in the past two weeks. I have been concentrating on the indicator. The indicator version 0.3.x uses Play() and Pause() which should be fine for v2 compatibility.
2/ I noticed by looking at the code that indicator-sound is currently
special-casing VLC for MPRIS V2 support. Wouldn't it be better to try to
use the V2 controller, and if that fails revert to V1 ?
In addition, it looks like the V2 controller uses the wrong object
path : "/Player" instead of "/org/mpris/MediaPlayer/Player"
In any case, indicator currently fails with Banshee.

Yes this would be advisable, I have not really focused on v2 clients just yet as there has not been any really available to me. Will turn my attention to this later this week.