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MPRIS related questions


Hi guys,

I've been working on MPRIS support for Banshee, and I think it should be
ready to get into our git master.
Only the version 2 of the MPRIS spec will be supported, as v1 had issues
with dbus naming, and so it didn't fit well within our existing dbus

So I know that there is still some work going on that version on the
spec. Will that be only additions, or a re-work of  existing stuff ?
I'd like to avoid shipping something and then break the dbus API soon

Here are some things I came across :
1/ Both the mpris test harness provided by Connor and the implementation
in Rhythmbox have a Player.PlayPause() method, but I couldn't find it in
either v1 or v2 of the spec. Am I missing something ?

2/ I noticed by looking at the code that indicator-sound is currently
special-casing VLC for MPRIS V2 support. Wouldn't it be better to try to
use the V2 controller, and if that fails revert to V1 ?
In addition, it looks like the V2 controller uses the wrong object
path : "/Player" instead of "/org/mpris/MediaPlayer/Player"
In any case, indicator currently fails with Banshee.

If you'd like me to file bugs for those issues, I'd be happy to.


Bertrand Lorentz <bertrand.lorentz@xxxxxxxxx>
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