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xnoise media player


I am the developer of xnoise, a media player for gtk+ developed in vala
(compiled to GObject/C). It is a little like old amarok v1 and extremely

I started updating xnoise's mpris plugin to use the mpris spec v2. Most
of the interfaces are using spec v2, now. 
Unfortunately I am on lucid and cannot upgrade to Maverick yet for
various reasons. I also only have a small netbook so a second
installation is not possible. 
This means I cannot really test the indicator-sound working together
with xnoise.
So if there is someone on this mailing list that wants to help testing
the mpris support in xnoise, this would big help.


Please not that the new MPRIS V2 updates are in the mercurial repo
version only! The released version contains an old mpris version!

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