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new package - Apache httpd 2.4 (httpd24u)


The IUS team has created EL6 packages for Apache HTTP Server 2.4 [0].  We would like to invite anyone that is interested to help us test these packages.  You can install it with this command.

yum --enablerepo=ius-testing install httpd24u

We would like to get as much feedback as possible before moving these to the stable repos, even if it is just a simple "works for me" response.

There are a few important details to note about this package.

1. As always, carefully consider why you might wants to use the IUS package instead of the stock package.  We have addressed many of the common questions in our public FAQ [1].

2. It is possible that you may see installation conflicts with software that depends on httpd.  It is not a problem specific to httpd24u, but rather the IUS model, where multiple packages can provide the same package name [2].  What we have seen is that with a clean installation, installing a package that depends on httpd will try to resolve some dependencies with stock packages, and others with IUS packages that conflict with the stock packages.  We have corrected this where we can in IUS packages [3], but many stock and EPEL packages are still affected.  Luckily, it is easy to work around the issue: just install the preferred httpd first, then the application that depends on httpd.

3. The IUS mod_php packages (php54, php55u, php56u) will continue to only be built against stock httpd.  We will not be creating mod_php packages to work with httpd24u.  At first we considered this, but the benefit does not seem to be worth the complexity and added workload.  The feedback we have gotten so far is that it is now vastly preferred to use php-fpm with httpd 2.4.

[0] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ius/+bug/1404930
[1] https://iuscommunity.org/pages/FAQs.html#is-ius-right-for-me
[2] https://iuscommunity.org/pages/FAQs.html#why-are-ius-packages-named-differently
[3] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ius/+bug/1404930/comments/5

Carl George
Rackspace GNU/Linux Engineer

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