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Re: [Bug 1425699] Re: kernel panic on IBM Power8 PPC MAAS ephemeral image


I can confirm using after enabling the 14.10 images in MAAS, I now have
hwe-u as an option. I can also confirm that this does not in fact work
in the case of the Power 8 when commissioning:

Error: Couldn't load kernel image


On 05/13/2015 11:25 AM, Jeff Lane wrote:
> Summary:
> 1: Need to add 14.10 images from Releases Stream to even see hwe-u as an option
> 2: even though hwe-u is an option, it is unusable for commissioning currently (from Releaess).
> 3: We really need this usable in Releases, it's gating the Power 8 work.
> This morning I tried working on this a bit.  Keep in mind, I did this on a non-Power system because I don't have easy access to it right now, and Mike is working on that.
> First, I had to install 14.10 installation media from the Releases
> stream.  Once that was done, hwe-u became an option.
> Next, I clicked acquire node.  Then Edit node.
> In the Edit screen, I set the ARCH to amd64/hwe-u, saved that and then
> clicked Commission to start the Commissioning process.
> The node powered up and failed to boot.  The console says
> Booting under MAAS direction...
> nomodeset iscsi_target_name=iqn.2004-05.com.ubuntu:maas:ephemeral-ubuntu-amd64-hwe-u-trusty-no-such-image iscsi_target_ip= iscsi_target_port=3260 iscsi_initiator=these-grandmother ip=::::these-grandmother:BOOTIF ro root=/dev/disk/by-path/ip- overlayroot=tmpfs cloud-config-url= log_host= log_port=514
> Could not find kernel image: ubuntu/amd64/hwe-u/trusty/no-such-image/boot-kernel
> boot:
> So since setting the arch to amd64/hwe-u failed to boot commissioning, I
> changed it to amd64/hwe-t and retried.  hwe-t was successful in booting
> the server and commissioning it.
> Following commissioning, I attemped to just install the node using hwe-u
> after it was commissioned using hwe-t.
> I clicked acquire node.  Then Edit Node.
> On the Edit Page, I set the arch to amd64/hwe-u, and left the OS and
> Release to Default (which is currently set to 14.04).  I then tried to
> start the node for deployment.
> The node powered on and attempted to TFTP boot, but instead got a TFTP
> timeout error.  It then automatically moved to the next NIC and again
> got the TFTP timeout, and at this point it just booted what was on the
> hard disk.
> Could not find kernel image: ubuntu/amd64/hwe-u/trusty/no-such-image/boot-kernel"
> Next, for completeness, I re-acquired the node, left arch at hwe-u and
> set the OS to Ubuntu and Release to 14.10 to see what would happen.
> With those settings, I was able to successfully deploy the system with
> Utopic.

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  kernel panic on IBM Power8 PPC MAAS ephemeral image

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Status in linux package in Ubuntu:
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Bug description:
  The kernel running on the 14.04 ephemeral image for MAAS when
  commissioning an IBM Power8 PPC server causes a periodic kernel panic.

  This happens intermittently and cannot be forcefully reproduced.

  The kernel version on the image is 3.13.0-27.50-generic according to
  the boot process.

  Attached is the boot process log with the kernel panics.

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