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[Bug 1547153] [NEW] /sys/class/scsi_host/hostN/partition_number and .../mad_version showing up BE on LE Ubuntu. (ibmvscsi)


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== Comment: #0 - ERIC P. FRIED <efried@xxxxxxxxxx> - 2015-06-15 18:29:28 ==
---Problem Description---
/sys/class/scsi_host/host0/partition_number and .../mad_version showing up BE on LE Ubuntu.
---uname output---
Linux neo34 3.19.0-10-generic #10-Ubuntu SMP Mon Mar 23 16:18:35 UTC 2015 ppc64le ppc64le ppc64le GNU/Linux
---Additional Hardware Info---
Dual VIOS, Ubuntu partition is full virtual. 

---Patches Installed---
VMC device driver for Neo project.  Ask Steve Royer (seroyer@us) if it matters.
Machine Type = type_model=8247-22L 
A debugger is not configured
---Steps to Reproduce---
 neo@neo34:/sys/class/scsi_disk$ cat /sys/module/ibmvscsi/drivers/vio\:ibmvscsi/30000006/host1/scsi_host/host1/partition_number 
neo@neo34:/sys/class/scsi_disk$ cat /sys/module/ibmvscsi/drivers/vio\:ibmvscsi/30000006/host1/scsi_host/host1/mad_version 

Turns out these numbers are really big-endian versions of their real values.
In [60]: print("0x%x" % 50331648)

The actual partition ID of host1 is 3.
neo@neo34:/sys/class/scsi_disk$ lssyscfg -r lpar -F lpar_id --filter lpar_names=vios2

Userspace tool common name: Not sure what this means.  Use 'cat' to reproduce the bug. 
The userspace tool has the following bit modes: ? 

Userspace rpm: Not sure what this means either.  And I'm on Ubuntu, no

Userspace tool obtained from project website:  na 
*Additional Instructions for Eric Fried/efried@xxxxxxxxxx  Brian King/bjking1@xxxxxxxxxx: 
-Post a private note with access information to the machine that the bug is occuring on.
-Attach ltrace and strace of userspace application.

== Comment: #1 - TYREL N. DATWYLER <tyreld@xxxxxxxxxx> - 2016-02-17 17:46:17 ==
Fix has been submitted upstream:


== Comment: #2 - TYREL N. DATWYLER <tyreld@xxxxxxxxxx> - 2016-02-18 12:19:18 ==
Fix has been accepted upstream into Martin Petersen's 4.6/scsi-queue branch.


** Affects: linux (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Medium
     Assignee: Canonical Kernel Team (canonical-kernel-team)
         Status: Triaged

** Tags: architecture-ppc64le bot-comment bugnameltc-126380 severity-medium targetmilestone-inin---
/sys/class/scsi_host/hostN/partition_number and .../mad_version showing up BE on LE Ubuntu. (ibmvscsi)
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