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[Bug 1546310] Re: In CAR bluetooth not working


There was a bug in pulseaudio which was brought in while we added
support for Android 5.x. This is only valid for current rc-proposed. A
fix is available in silo 47 (see https://requests.ci-
train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1059 for details). If you want to help
verifying the fix feel free to install the silo and report back.

However that still doesn't need to fix the original bug reported here.

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  In CAR bluetooth not working

Status in Canonical System Image:
Status in bluez package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  I have paired my phone with my car as always (connection did work in
  the past). Connection runs as expected and everything like display,
  phone book, ... but this evening I wanted to place a call from my car
  and it did not work. I was then also not able to take a call (I could
  not hear the conterpart and the counterpart could not hear me).

  Since yesterday I am on:

  current build number: 259
  device name: krillin
  channel: ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en
  last update: 2016-02-16 12:09:18
  version version: 259
  version ubuntu: 20160216
  version device: 20160108-efc96d8
  version custom: 20160111-926-36--vivid

  With OTA9 I did not have the issue. I have attached my logs. I have
  enabled the following bug-settings for bluetooth:

  sudo sed -i 's/exec \/usr\/sbin\/bluetoothd/exec
  \/usr\/sbin\/bluetoothd -d/g' /etc/init/bluetooth.conf

  sudo sed -i 's/--start/--start --log-level=debug/g'

  I have modified the line in ofono.override to:

  exec ofonod -P -d provision,udev*,dun*,smart*,hfp_bluez5,stktest,sap

  I hope my reporting helps to trace down this issue.


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