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[Bug 1500242] Re: Bluetooth devices (Jabra BT250, Audi A3 car kit) can not be connected with BQ Aquaris 4.5


Hi @kzapalowicz and @morphis:

More information and logs about pairing and connecting with Ford Audio
System of a Ford Fiesta:

Here is what I did:

12:30 PARTY STARTED: Fist attempt, paired but not connected
12:49 paired again, I tried to connect it but BT in Krillin disconnects 
12:52 second attempt to connect, Krillin BT disconnects
12:54 third attempt to connect and again BT disconnects


--> I've tried it with another Vegeta LTE(Qlcomm) and the main difference in the procedure is that E5 once it is paired, it automatically seems to be connected and working because there is a BT logo in the onboard screen(watch pic_E5.jpg-9
--> This BT logo tells the user, that it is connected and ready to go. Unfortunately Krillin appears paired(watch pic_Krillin.jpg) but it never gets enabled/activated because that BT logo never becomes blue and Krillin disconnects it self when trying to connect to the BT carkit.

Additional info: attachment with pics and logs(syslog and application-
legacy-ubuntu-system-settings-.log) with BT verbose+pulse audio enabled

** Attachment added: "logs+pics.zip"

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  Bluetooth devices (Jabra BT250, Audi A3 car kit) can not be connected
  with BQ Aquaris 4.5

Status in Canonical System Image:
  In Progress
Status in bluez package in Ubuntu:
Status in ofono package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Requirements: Aquaris E4.5, Jabra BT250 blue tooth handset device (rather old one supports blue tooth 1.1 and therefore I thought should be no issue) or Audi car kit (A3 2012 model)

  1. Put Jabra BT250 into receiving mode
  2. Phone searches automatically every 15 - 30 seconds for a new blue tooth device
  3. Phone finds Jabra BT250 and asks for pairing code
  4. Enter code into phone
  5. Jabra BT250 automatically exits the pairing mode (which is a sign that pairing should have worked)
  6. Phone looses connection to Jabra BT250
  7. Manual reconnection via phone works (shows Jabra BT250 as being connected) but ignores the device

  Same behaviour with Audi car kit (Audi A3, 2012 model)

  I expect that the blue tooth kits work similar to my Seat Alhambra (also 2012 model) where the blue tooth pairing etc. works great (except some bugs which are already filed).

  No connection to the blue tooth device

  OS-Build-Number: 25
  Ubuntu-Image: 20150825.1

  Is this issue also solved as soon as bluez5 is implemented? When will this be?

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