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On Making Keryx a Desktop App


The development team is looking at making a big change: Making Keryx a
desktop application rather than a portable one.

Here's a very simple illustration of the change:

Currently, Keryx consists of two parts -- the application and the
project -- which are stored together on a flash drive. In the new
layout, there would be three parts: the offline installation, the
online installation, and the project. The two installations would be
traditional desktop apps; the project would be carried on a flash
drive. Instead of one tarball containing Windows and Linux binaries,
there would be a Windows installer and an Ubuntu .deb package. The
advantages of this new layout are 1) people would feel more
comfortable with traditional desktop installers than they are with
portable binaries and 2) Keryx could be added to the Ubuntu
repositories which would give it more visibility.

Do you see any potential problems with making this move? Can you think
of other advantages? Any thoughts are welcome!