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Re: [Question #121078]: keryx does not download suggested debian files


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Chris Oliver proposed the following answer:
So Keryx does try to get everything possible, but because calculating
dependencies exactly how apt-get does it sometimes can be very complicated,
we occasionally miss some. This is something we haven't been able to figure
out what was missing just yet but we are working on a solution. It's very
close as you can tell, within 1 package. It's got to be something simple but
we have not found the fix for it just yet. We are working on the next
version of Keryx and will hopefully get that out soon and have a fix that
will help solve that problem.

On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 2:00 AM, curious <
question121078@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> New question #121078 on Keryx:
> https://answers.launchpad.net/keryx/+question/121078
> Hello
> i used keryx to download "vlc" media player for ubuntu 10.04. keryx
> downloaded 40 .deb files. But with the same package index list
> (var/lib/apt/lists) on keryx and my pc, ubuntu's Synaptic pacakge manager
>  wants to  download 41 files. The extra one is
> "vlc-plugin-pulse" which is listed as suggested file. I have done the same
> thing with "pyneighborhood" and Synaptic package manager shows one extra
> file to download which is a suggested package.
> So Keryx is not downloading the suggested files but only dependencies.
> Does keryx work this way or i am doing something wrong?
> I created project the way tutorial says. I created project on my offline
> pc, took it to an online pc, downloaded the latest package list
> and then downloaded vlc. To see if keryx downloaded exactly what it needs
> to be i copied the content of lists (without status and stautus .bak) to
> var/lib/apt/lists and generated package download script. Then i saw the
> difference.
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