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Fellow Keryx Developers,

I apologize that Keryx development has been slow in the past month or
so. My unpredictable schedule has made it difficult for me to code and
to coordinate others' development efforts.

We need to get development back on track, and I think one of the most
important things we need to do is to have a clear set of goals. We
currently have three active developers (myself, RSK, and jacseen) who
I think are able to code but need to know what to do.

In the recent past, we have discussed goals at the weekly IRC
development meetings. But with everyone's hectic schedules, it has
become difficult for everyone to attend. As such, we need to demote
the development meetings to a time when we can discuss in real-time
what is difficult to convey via email. Most discussion about
development should be conducted on the mailing list.

Let me go ahead and set a couple of short-term goals for 1.0 development:
 * Add download progress tab to interface -- at first, this just needs
to be something simple to show that index files are being downloaded.
This is a big chore and will require collaboration.
 * Test Unwrapt and make sure that packages get marked to be
downloaded when out-of-date -- I suspect that Unwrapt is refusing to
mark them since their status is "installed ok installed".

Please reply to this email if you have a question about, just want to
discuss, or want to suggest a new goal. Let's put this mailing list to
use!  :-)


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