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I'm prepping for another release of 0.92 this weekend it looks like with
romaimperator. We're hoping to solve the issue with the binary on 32bit
Ubuntu and hopefully get out proper separate builds for Linux and Windows
that don't cause issue. After that we will be moving on to 1.0 and tackling
things as speedy as we can in hopes of getting it out soon.

What I really am interested in hearing your thoughts on though is download
formats. Right now we package each release into a tarball AND zipfile. I
don't see a reason for this. Ubuntu can extra zip's by default, so the
tarball is just typically preference. It's completely unnecessary imo.
Windows users can't use it, and for our next release, we will have the

Single file binary for Linux
Single file binary
Debian package for Linux (built on launchpad hopefully using quickly)
Source tarball? (maybe, but they can just download the source with bazaar
easy enough)

Does this make sense? I want to make sure I'm not forgetting anything
important. :-)

Chris Oliver

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