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Happy Thanksgiving!


Hey everybody! Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving (if you
celebrate it, if not, well you're missing out while we're getting fat).

I've made a LOT of commits lately, and one of the things I was struggling
with was installation (still, go figure). Not as simple as I hoped, but I
got my eyes set on Jono Bacon's Acire code and noticed he was using VTE. No
python documentation? Who cares, Jono used it! After wasting 2 days on it,
realizing I probably can't do what I want, and not finding any help online
about it (even Jono's source *sad face*), I gave up. Looks like we will go
with the subprocess module and just put the terminal output into a textview
after the command has completed. Maybe good, maybe bad. Probably need to
create a file string stream (StringIO) as the STDOUT parameter so that we
can get the output and get the process's return code to see if it worked or
not. This is going to be messy. :| I already ripped apart the install code
and made it separate functions in order to let VTE use it, but that ship has
sunk in flames. Hopefully I can figure something out soon, that's the main
thing holding back release right now.

Anyways, just wanted to update everyone! Hope all is well, and make sure you
eat up!

Chris Oliver